Vila Franca De Xira

On the north banks of the Tejo, on its final straight before it meanders away, is a sleepy little town by the name of Vila Franca De Xira. On first glance, it might look like a place to detour. But underneath the initial layer lies a hidden eccentricity, which brings about an urging necessity to explore | A little village, like a mini Vatican, rests on the eastern edge of the town, before it gives way to the bridge. It's inhabitants, old women, keep the street busy. Cooking, cleaning, caring. This photo was taken on the outside of its perimeter. The hanging towel, acting as the national flag of this sovereign state.

Flor do Tejo, a bustling social hub on the weekend, rests peacefully in the baking weekday sun. It's a welcoming and interesting place, where conversations start and don't stop. Boasting one of the smallest galleries in the world, always conveying a powerful message, it holds a little place in your heart

Vila Franca De Xira, a bullfighting stronghold. Signs and remnants of past and future shows decorate the streets, and even the homes. Popped my head in the door of this place, not a soul in sight, perhaps napping after what seemed to be a fine lunch. A little glimpse into a world far removed from my day to day, but I'd like to discover it more. Vila Franca De Xira, is on the list of places to revisit