Miracle of the Sun 101st anniversary, Oct 13 2018, Fátima

I hope to revisit this site on a yearly basis, and for it to become a long term project.

When I first arrived at Fátima, still half asleep from my early commute, I was greeted by an overwhelming sight. Swarms of crowds tightly compacted, prayers echoing across the sea of attendees, processions underway. People became completely consumed in their own worlds of worship. It was difficult to get beneath the surface to photograph. Skepticism of my presence was felt, a strong self awareness of intrusion was there, and never really left. However, as time went on I felt more welcome, and I began to pick out my own little pockets to document. I hope to expand on this over time, and work further and further within this sect. To understand and witness the experiences of these people, and how faith has such a profound part in their lives.